Modified Register for John Darwin Chase


First Generation

1. John Darwin Chase was born on 10 Aug 1815 in Bristol,Addison,Vermont. He died on 21 Jul 1902 in Huntington,Emery,Utah. He was buried on 25 Jul 1902 in Moroni,Sanpete,Utah.

ORDINANCES Sealed to wife date is given as "Pre EH 12 AUG 1849" on some
submissions. IGI A183374 2395.
MARRIAGE IGI ref M183395 4574.
In Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah pg 800 & 113.
See IGI ref. T990071 0064, and 7014527
97 Sealed to Mirium ?. See also IGI refs. 7014527 97, & 8150001 2.
Batch #: 7014527, Sheet #: 97, Source Call #: 0538439
Batch #: 8150001, Sheet #: 02, Source Call #: 0884784
Ordained High Priest 14 April 1844 in Nauvoo.
Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register pg 67.
SEB pg 403-408
Nauvoo 1842 Census
Mormon Battalion 3rd Corporal in Company B.
 NAU: Blk 121 Lot 1 - tenant
 KIM 2nd: Blk 18 Lot 3
Book of Patriarchal Blessings Index Volume 4 page 476. Officiator: Hyrum Smith 3/26/1843.
LDS Biographical Encyclopedia. Jenson, Andrew. 1951 Volume 4 page 623, 738.
Huntington and Moroni Ward Records.
Mormons and their Neoighbors. Wiggins, Marvin.
?Ordained Bishop by Erastus Snow 01/08/1856 in Ephriam, Sanpete, Utah.
According to "Mormon Manuscripts to 1846" John was a counselor to a Bishop in Nauvoo and then the Bishop in the 
same Ward.
Mission: Vermont, England (1861-1863) 1863-1865. See LDS Biographical Encyclopedia.
Veteran of the Black Hawk war.
Buildings: Helped build the Old Fort in Great Salt Lake City, helped build the first sawmill in Utah (Chase's Mill south 
of the city.)
John was called to the Carson Valley Mission, where he acted as a High Councilor, remaining there until the colony 
broke up. John settled in Nephi, Juab, Utah. John was a member of the Juab Stake High Council.
John married (1) Pricilla Ann McHenry daughter of James McHenry and Elizabeth Wilcox on
17 Feb 1846 in Pueblo,Pueblo,Colorado. Pricilla was born on 31 Jul 1818 in Almond,Allegany,
New York. She died in Jun 1883. 
ORDINANCES IGI ref. 8223101 64. Film 0884866 ? Birth place also given as Nauvoo, Hancock,
John married (2) Almira Higgins on 17 Feb 1846 in Pueblo,Pueblo,Colorado. 
Almira was born on 28 May 1830 in Florence,Huron,Ohio. She died on 23 Feb 
1873 in Moroni,Sanpete,Utah. She was buried in Feb 1873 in Moroni,Sanpete,Utah. 
ORDINANCES IGI. Sealed wife to husband date also given as "Pre EH 12 AUG 1849"
John married (3) Elizabeth Jane Tuttle daughter of Terry O Tuttle Ship Builder
and Eleanor Mills on 17 Feb 1846 in Manti,Sanpete,Utah. Elizabeth was born on 6 Sep 1823
in New York City,New York,New York. She died on 4 May 1890 in Nephi,Juab,Utah. She was
buried in May 1890 in Nephi,Juab,Utah.
ORDINANCES IGI ref. 8150001 1, and 8150001 3. Also sealed to John Darwin Chase
1 JAN 1946 and 5 FEB 1948. IGI ref T990162 0077. Also baptized 23 may 1957, endowed 17 jul 1957.